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Welcome to A22 Foundation

Academy 22 Education for All Foundation (A22 Foundation) was established to expand the scope of support provided for learners worldwide in receiving a better education.

Our Latest Events

eBook Iron Man Triathlon Competitions!

Over 90 students participated in the STEM: AI, Robotics, Love and Peace program. They learn how to create digital story books and learn AI concepts in nine free workshops. 90% of students evaluated that the workshops are meaningful and interesting!

Principals, teachers & librarians training

We organized educational professional trainings about 21st century skills, AI literacy and education amidst the COVID-19 pandemic for principals, teachers and librarians.

Our Recent Research



Bringing people together to serve our future leaders is what A22 foundation is all about. We build relationships with their communities, with one another and with the people they serve. Please share your email below so we can put you in touch.

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Turning Crisis into Opportunities

Effective teaching/learning during COVID with self-regulated learning, 21st century skills and digital story writing...

Do teaching and learning have to suffer during the pandemic?

Alphabet Cubes
21st Century Skills

Dr. Chu is the author of three books regarding 21st Century Skills; a renowned expert in Asia with core ideas from the books implemented in 4 primary schools through a Quality Education Fund project.

Cube Trophy
International Competitions

International Digital Story Writing Competition! "AI and Health" & "COVID-19: Imagine, Create & Share" This competition is for primary and secondary students from around the world and it's more than just a competition.

Mount Fuji
Po Toi Education

In collaboration with the village leaders of Po Toi Island, Academy 22 Education for All Foundation / A22 Foundation ( is organizing an Arts Festival on the Island from June 30 (Thu) to July 3 (Sun), 2022.

Complete Giraffe Puzzle
Professional collaboration

The A22 Foundation Chair  Dr Chu and Vice-Chair, Ms Helen Chan (together with Dr Wilton Fok’s team from HKU) met the Under Secretary for Education of Education Bureau, Dr. CHOI Yuk Lin. JF, and discussed Reading and STEM Education development on Nov 11, 2021.


With all donations going towards grants and programs, A22 empowers students' learning and those who need our help. Although those benefitting from your support may never know of your generosity, A22 and our beneficiaries are grateful for your support.

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