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Our learning programs

We organize trainings for schools, teachers and teacher librarians on increasing students’ 21st Century Skills such as reading interest and ability; provide well-designed and high-quality educational resources and tools both physical and non-physical including but not limited to libraries, books and online reading platforms.

eBook Iron Man Triathlon Competition!

STEAM: AI, Robotics, Love & Peace


Through a series of digital story creation and artificial intelligence literacy workshops, over 90 secondary school students in approximately 20 schools actively learn how to create digital stories about AI. There are approximately 80 secondary school students joining this exciting event. Nearly 95% of all participants agreed that they liked the AI Workshops.  The workshops can help them learn about AI and the related concepts, including chatbot, machine learning, digital art creation and emotion.  In addition, all participants get the chance to join the “AI Sharing Challenge”, “Surprise Trip at HKU” as well as The Greater Bay Area Science Project Competition 2021.​

Asian Digital Story Writing Competition


Our students actively participate in 7 workshops:

  • How to write a creative story? Why are we promoting the theme “AI, Robots, Love & Peace” in this competition?

  • How to create a digital story?

  • AI / Artificial Intelligence (What is it? How to write a story about this?) 

  • Robots and AI (What are their present and future roles in our society? How to write fiction or non-fiction about it?)

  • Creating questions I (critique students’ work & introduce the art of questions creation)

  • Creating questions II & parent workshop (We’ll offer comments on the questions created by students and discuss the parents’ role in their children story creation)

  • Translate the story from the native language into English with AI technologies

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