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AI Mission Impossible!

​A big congratulations to those who joined the eBook Iron Man Triathlon Competition.  There are approximately 80 secondary school students joining this exciting event. Nearly 95% of all participants agreed that they liked the AI Workshops.  The workshops can help them learn about AI and the related concepts, including chatbot, machine learning, digital art creation and emotion.  In addition, all participants get the chance to join the “AI Sharing Challenge”, “Surprise Trip at HKU” as well as The Greater Bay Area Science Project Competition 2021.


Learning is FUN!

25 participants joined the Surprise Trip at HKU! We visited many signature places at HKU, including the Main Building, Lok Yew Hall, HKU Visitor Center, and Dr Sun Yat Sen’s statue at the University's Lily Pond. All participants were very satisfied with the arrangements of the Trip. In addition, over half of the students took a STEM book for the “Compete with Socrates” activity.


Time to show every participant’s power in competing with Socrates!

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-25 at 5_21_19 PM-.webp
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