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Building Blocks

Our successful stories

We organize trainings for schools, teachers and teacher librarians on increasing students’ 21st Century Skills such as reading interest and ability; provide well-designed and high-quality educational resources and tools both physical and non-physical including but not limited to libraries, books and online reading platforms.

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The A22 Foundation Chairman Dr Chu (together with Dr Wilton Fok’s team from HKU) met the Under Secretary for Education of Education Bureau, Dr. CHOI Yuk Lin. JF, and discussed Reading and STEM Education development on Nov 11, 2021.

Making Smart Choices & Rescue Mission


Through scenario-based learning, game-based learning and gamification pedagogies, Dr. Chu’s team developed 2 gamified eLearning platforms to help secondary school students in approximately 20 schools to learn how to engage in proper relationship with the opposite sex. Students found the learning to be interesting and close to the real-life. Furthermore, it is a self-paced learning tool which helps to avoid the embarrassment in discussing the topic of sex education openly.

Dr. Chu’s pioneering work was among the first in the world and has earned him 2 awards - Excellent Health Promotion Project Award and Best Poster Award from Food and Health Bureau in HK in 2017.

Through a PhD student from Africa, Dr. Chu’s work on promoting sex education via gamified eLearning platforms has traveled and expanded from HK to Africa.

Reading Battle


  • A gamified eLearning platform with bilingual support (Chinese and English) developed by Dr. Chu’s team at HKU’s Faculty of Education. It aims at developing students' reading interest and abilities.

  • Since 2014, Reading Battle has been used by over 20,000 students in over 60 schools/libraries in countries/economies including Hong Kong, Taiwan, the U.S., mainland China and Cambodia.

  • Due to its success in helping hundreds to thousands of students in enhancing their reading interest and abilities, Dr. Chu was awarded with Knowledge Exchange Award 2016 from his Faculty.

  • Anyone may obtain a trial account by sending an email to For more information regarding Reading Battle, videos introducing Reading Battle could be found by clicking the images below.

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